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What you can expect to experience during your organic hotel stay

With global warming and climate change in full swing, unpleasantly speaking, people across the globe are slowly but surely becoming more aware of their natural and city surroundings. You’ll notice that we merely said ‘slowly but surely’. This, sad to say, is not enough, because things are hotting up as we speak. It seems as though in response to man-made calamities, nature is not having a holiday.

Thanks to man’s unkind and reckless behavior in some parts of the world, nature is wreaking havoc, come winter or summer. Slowly but surely though, the green movement is taking off. It is pleasing to notice and experience that there are men and women doing something responsible and proactive about our precarious surroundings and circumstances. It is lovely to note that acute awareness for improving and protecting our natural and urban environments are even being impressed upon staff and guests in hotels.

Short and long-term guests get to experience the new, pleasanter side of life while experiencing new organic hotel amenities. They may even find that the water in their bathrooms, fresh and clean, has been recycled. This is re-used water par excellence. It is quite possible, in fact, more so now than was the case before, toilet paper has been recycled. Towels smell fresh and lovely and are still warm and soft during the winter months.

You’ll be pleased to note that management and their staff are as industrious and environmentally conscious as ever before. All bathroom and bedroom towels and linens are washed sustainably using only environmentally-friendly washing detergents. What this means, of course, is that detergents are no longer poisoned with chemicals and you, as a guest, give your vulnerable skin a break too.